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We do not inherit the earth from our parents; we borrow it from our children !

Environmental protection

Protecting the environment and tourism responsibility, always is the top priority of REEG Travel.

Indigenous culture/ native culture

Familiarity and respect for local culture and traditions, empowerment of local communities, are REEG main goals.

Travel immunity

The safety and comfort of our passengers are one of the most important principles of REEG travels.

Why Iran

Traveling is all about new experiences, interactions with people and most of all surprises.
When you travel to Iran you’ll be surprised by the fact that those dark & negative you’ve heard of it are not true at all. There is safety, kindness, color and liveness.
Iranians are a combination of numerous ethnic groups. They are genial & kind, the hospitality of Iranian is notable, they invite you to their houses just to be kind to you. When you look around you see them smiling at you…
Through the history, there’s been many challenges but they succeed to held onto their identity as Persians & save their culture from being completely disrupted. The story of their history is told through the many historical attractions that lays all around the country, there are 21 unesco world heritages in Iran.
Iranians devotions to detail is found in their art & architecture. You’ll see conflicts between modern & traditional everywhere.
About the nature of Iran, we should say it’s phenomenal, it has a remarkable diversity in climate, by traveling in very short distances you’ll experience different climates that is unbelievable.
Last but not least the Iranian cuisine is extraordinary, various, delicious & nutritious.

“Traveling to Iran could be an unforgettable experience.”

incoming tours organizer in Iran, for foreign tourists

include get visas, hotel reservations, accommodation, guides and transportation with official permissions.

Incoming and Outgoing tours organizer

Conducting all the domestic tours including: nature tourism, Eco-safari, sports, educational tours in Iran with experienced teams.

Hotel reservation

The initial and definitive booking of all hotels, hostels and eco-camps inside and outside Iran.

Sell charter flight and scheduled

Sell charter flight and scheduled, domestic and foreign flights in Iran.

Advertising and tourism events organizer

Organizing advertising events, for brands and products in Iran’s nature.

360 and VR Video and Photos

Performing 360-degree, Video and Photo projects, gigapixel and special virtual tours.